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Laydeez and gentlemens, this are a sims-only journal. I veel be posting updates, downloads and picspam here, hnnh. No dramallama, no personal f-locked entries, just creative shit and moaning about crashing games. Kay fanks.
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Do whatever the hell you want with my stuff, minus distributing it on paysites INCLUDING TSR! Oh, and don't claim textures, full uploads or any of that crap as your own. That is all.


Okay, so seeing as I have a good few uploads posted around GoS and Livejournal, I felt it prudent to add links here to stuff I've made (hey, it rakes in 'customers'*, right?)

*customers is in quotes because LOLpayshit is bad news! Veeeery bad news! ARR!

Goodies here. )

As some of you may well know, [profile] snow_white2410 and myself have both a site and a forum running on free hosting. They can be found here:

Disclaimer: Irradiated Metro does not appreciate drama, nor is it trying to be GoS-lite. I am quite adverse to these accusations, as it's upsetting to see something you've put work into get kicked to the curb even it's only been going for a little while. Be nice and try to read all the rules, thank ye kindly.

So yeah, silly off-the-wall banter. No real rules. Just be as stupid as possible. Not GOS related at all, I just felt like trying something new for once. It's been on my nerdlist of things to do on the computer since #GOS was created. This could fail, people could OMG HAET on me, but frankly I don't give a shieeeet. ;D

Much love, Timesynthesist Azrael.

So yeah, to repeat that? On the server irc.afternet.org it's called #prawnpuffs. Yes, it has a bot. No it's not private, and FUCKING NO, there are no half-op positions available (right now, that is...). Also, I'll kick you out (and ban you) for sockpuppetry or trolling, without warning. Even if it takes me all night. Nerds more than welcome, leave your drama and troubles at the door. Political incorrectness advised, well and truly. That's all kittens.
And uh... I think that just about wraps it up! Thanks for taking the time to read this! Ciao!

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So yeah... I posted one of my prized dollies on GoS a while back, but he's like... totally fucking unbreedable. So I maek new vershun! :3
+1 picture, and a download link! )
Take good care of him, and don't use him for contests or take as your own, or... tweak a bit and upload. Meep.
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Well, seeing as my milkshape's fucked beyond words I decided to install it on my mother's desktop, and I MADE STUFF! \o/ HALE YESS

Fallout 3 stuff under the cut :) )


Jun. 6th, 2009 02:56 pm
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Don't whine to be about IM being down, it does this from time to time, it's borked hosting. I will never use 000webhost again, mon. Mrrrrr.
Which leads me to an open question - any good free hosting sites that /don't/ have MySQL problems? I'm fine with BR being hosted there, but the Metro noms on more resources and I think I need a separate host for it. ;____;

Aaaaaand a bit thank you to OP of simsecret #1 this week, who I now know is straightroad. Lovely stuff!

Small entry, less whining, and whatever; cause nobody wants to see that. Sorry I haven't replied to everyone who was so nice to me in my previous couple of entries whilst I was being a big sobby emo, but thank you :)

OAO, Timesynth Azrael.
Also, will some of you shitbirds get on #GOS or something? It's a ghost town! :P
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Ohai, time for me to spam teh forum of doom. I must say it doesn't look much like GoS lite anymore, so yay for that? New layout, custom CSS, whatever. Heh. Fuckin' paranoia.

Just waiting for the new logo to upload to tinypic...

Irradiated Metro

Well, then. What are you waiting for? Get signed up! I'm in the middle of making a half baked RP which you can view in all it's half-baked-ness. And there's a contest board now!
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Hem, hai. Less emuness (LOL) from me today. Picspam! ^_^

+7 )

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Apr. 1st, 2009 09:42 pm
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Um, a David Tennant sim under the cut. Need some input. Don't be afraid to tell me if the sim's just downright scary or not, I won't mind ;D
I FOT I WUZ SPESHUL!!!111einz )

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(8:49:41 PM) timesynthesist: .8 how many is timesynthesist's army?
(8:49:41 PM) X3: timesynthesist: About 1.
(8:49:54 PM) timesynthesist: .8 how many is TSR's army?
(8:49:55 PM) X3: timesynthesist: A hundred thousand.

Four things I learnt today:
1) X3 is always right
2) X3 is always right
3) TSR is huge, I am small.
4) Something needs to be done about points 1, 2 & 3.


(8:52:26 PM) timesynthesist: .8 are you always right?
(8:52:26 PM) X3: timesynthesist: It's hard to be sure.

Oh my, well that sorts it then. When will he actually say yes to the  ".sex" command to me in IRC goddamnit? ;D

I'm so pissed over the Buggybooz hacking, poor person getting their stuff bahleeted. >w<

Oh, and kittens; here are the sims some of you wanted, enjoy!

Downloads this-a-way... )
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Another sim for you today, LOTS OF SPAM! The name's Jocasta Armstrong (most people won't pick up on where I got the name from, but the userpic's a hint.), and INSANITY is the game, mon.
+8 )
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My first proper female sim; Wren Achilles. Awesome name, no? Well, let me tell ya; I was going to post these at GoS, but I felt uncomfortable posting them in the Aliens thread, because she's not actually a real alien and... well, she'd just get >____>-ed in the Slut Machine thread (as well as not belonging there, heh). Feh, paranoia. :3

+2 )
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He's very handsome!  I love what you've done with the hair.... Wink


Let us all hope that this doesn't continue, eh? JesusFUCK.

Also, this:

(3:26:38 PM) Timesy [Playin' Fallout 3. That means I'm busy]: FUCK

There you have it bitches kiddies; DL Mulsow's place is still a giant wadfuckery.

ETA: for clarity, SnowWhite's TOU:
"Usual TOU: No use of paysites including TSR. No Sim-antics. No stealing. "

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Also, I seem to have what [livejournal.com profile] snow_white2410 likes to call "extraction distraction"; where I got batshit crazy trying to extract stuff from vidyagaemz... like Fallout 3 Power Armour. I think I can seriously do this. I have the BSA unpacker and everything (as I used it for extracting shit from Oblivion). IIRC, the 3D files are converted to .NIF (which is then opened with NifSkope, then exported as .OBJ, then imported into Milkshape 3D), while the textures convert to .DDS (which I then batch process into HQ Bitmaps using IrfanView)... dunno where I'm going with this...
*insert moar nerdcrap blah blah blah*

Anyhow, I shall report back when I have more done... like y'know, when I actually have the game? Yeeeeeah... :P

Also, anyone know ANYTHING about the .WIN format as a 3D model/CAD format? I know there's Pro/ENGINEER to edit shit like that, but I can't find a decent version of it... D:

...what a random and incoherent journal entry. Sorry 'bout that. Just look at the pretty video again and you'll be fine. >____>

- OAO, Timesynthesist Azrael.
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Alas, some of you may know that my Strangetown n'hood, where EVERYTHING was saved in my game, was nuked recently through no fault of my own. Silly, silly game. Here's everything (yes, everything) I managed to take a picture of. Oddities, bad!pics et. al.

Houses, some other sims.. )

Jared spam, and misc. )

Oddities here. )


Soooooo, picspam over. I'm happy now ^_^


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